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About Gmsi

Global Messaging Solutions, Inc. (GMSI) is a world-leading E-Mail hosting and consulting firm providing the most reliable, secure and feature-rich messaging technologies available.


E-Mail is one of the world's most mission-critical Internet application. With an unparalleled reputation, GMSI helps corporations and government entities keep E-Mail flowing flawlessly. We are also security fanatics.... So give us a call today about how we can protect your sensitive information.


Global Messaging Solutions, Inc. (GMSI) was formed in 1999 to specifically address the shortfalls and reliability issues of E-Mail. With clients that span the globe, GMSI has developed a solid reputation for the most innovative, reliable and secure cloud-based E-Mail, messaging and security services.

Our nimble and streamlined approach allows us to quickly customize the most flexible and cost-effective messaging solutions for you.

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